Monday, September 11, 2006

Random life stuff

Here is the flower garden we planted for mom - the picture above is the original picture I took of the yard right after we planted it memorial day weekend. The picture below is how it looked today. I tried to get a good picture of how it has grown, but I'm not sure how much you can see of it. The grass is certainly greener, and the plants have at least doubled in size. They're huge now! You can definitely see how big the background plants and trees are. I couldn't even take the picture from the same place because the tree was in the way. Fun!
Here's a shot of the duck and goose being silly. I was up on the deck taking pictures of the garden, and Heathcliff was curious. They're funny. They've been molting lately, and feeling kind of puny, but they're still funny.
Ok, so we're not sure what happened, but somehow I've developed the brown thumb of gardening. Everything I plant dies. This first picture is of my vegetable garden, after we had to spray it with roundup after the weeds took over and all the plants except the peas died. The weeds killed everything else. I weeded, but it all died.
Here is my lettuce pot that I grew upstairs on the deck so that it would be warm enough and have the attention it needed - this is how tall it has grown in 3 months - this is just sad! Lettuce is supposed to be the quickest and easiest thing to grow, but here is my lettuce. I tossed the spinach over the deck before I took the pictures, it was about this tall, and already seeded and trying to bloom or whatever it is that spinach does if it grows properly.
Look, I can even kill plastic flowers! They tore apart in a big wind storm, and all they left behind was the sticks! Guess who planted them? ME! sigh.

We had a couple of big thunderstorms last week, and this is a picture of the rainbow from the first one. Thunder is really rare up here, something about there not being enough static electricity to create the lightening. Anyway, made for a good picture!