Sunday, January 14, 2007

Kitchen re-do, still halfway, the afters

Here's the yellow contrast wall. I didn't want the kitchen to be too dark, with too much red, so I used the red on the back wall, since it was limited in size anyway, from the cupboards and window. Then I used the yellow to lighten it up. So, on the left wall is yellow, the back wall is red, and the right wall is the green that comes in from the living room. It sounds convoluted, but it all seems to go together. And we have this fabric wall that I pulled the colors from, and we'll use the fabric to make some small curtains on the window, so it makes more sense.
Here's a good look at the red back wall, sorry about the glare from the flash. I didn't want to use paint with gloss in it, but since its a kitchen, we didn't really have any choice.
here's the rooster and chicken back up on their roost. :)
here's the back corner.

So the master plan is to add a black granite backsplash, we already have the granite and everything we need except the wet saw, we just haven't had time. Then we want to put a black laminate counter - everyone else is going granite, but we still like the formica laminate stuff. Then I'm going to sand down the lower cabinets and seal the or stain them or something. The black granite goes really well with the appliances which are basically black, well the stove, ovens, and dishwasher anyway. I'll post some more pictures when I finally get up the gumption to try working with the granite tiles. :)

Oh, I forgot the reason for all of this was so that we could get the house reappraised for mom and dad's refinancing, which went through, so that is good. We only had about a weeks notice though, so we had to squeeze this all in between Christmas and New Years. We also repainted the master bathroom a nice cheery yellow, and did a lot of de-cluttering, which in some parts of the house included taking everything and stuffing it into a box. :) But everything looks nice now. Just a few more projects to work on, something to keep us busy in january I'm sure. Anyway, thanks for checking the blog. Love to you all. :) Alicia

Kitchen re-do, half way, the befores

Pantry wall and door before.
Looking at the refrigerator and pantry, patched wall and all.
More of the befores. Don't look to closely at the counter, it was a bad mix of the stuff from on top of the cupboards and the stuff that I bought at the grocery store that day.
Here's part of the kitchen before. I forgot to start taking pictures before I took the wallpaper off, well as much as I took it off anyway. :)