Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Still Alive and Kicking

This summer has been full of fish and fish and more fish - but I think Brian is having a good time.  He has been working as a deckhand on a charter boat that belongs to his friend.  On his days off, he goes fishing ??? 

Can't believe school starts in about 3 weeks and then it is back to middle school for him.  He seems to do really well with the middle school kids - they aren't as hardened as high school kids so are easier in some ways to work with...  but he still misses his high school kids and keeps in touch with quite a few of them.

Alicia is now in the Relief Society presidency and Justin was just called to be a counselor in Elder's quorum presidency, so they are busy.  Brian is still avoiding the ward for now - I think he is waiting for some old grouchy people to die before he goes back.  But Charlotte's medications have been changed and she is headed back to church and will have another calling soon. 

Alicia and Justin are building their house on our property.  It will be a cute house for them and a major step for them.  Alicia has only lived away from home while attending college and Justin has never had a home of his own.  It will be hard to have them so far away - it's probably 100 feet away from the house.  What will we do when we want to change the tv from cable to dvd watching ???  I can picture the many phone calls :  I push what button on what remote ?? 

We have not had a summer again this year.  This winter is on record as the coldest and snowiest winter in my lifetime in Alaska and now this summer is on record as the coldest on record.  People are literally snapping and going crazy.  I can relate, but so far, we have held it together.

Alicia and Charlotte have been able to work on quilting and crafting a lot this spring.  Since February, they have pieced 21 quilt tops.  Waiting until the kids move out to turn the downstairs into a quilting room that is just tables lined up where we can pin quilts.  We have been going to the church for that - which is 25 miles, one direction (50 miles round trip), which was fine when we were doing one or two quilts a year...  but we are on track to make 50 quilts this year.  That is just too much driving back and forth at $5.00 a gallon of gas. 

I'll see if Alicia can post some pictures of fish and her house and maybe some of our quilts.  Happy Summer..