Sunday, February 26, 2006

My bench

Ok, here's my bench. Took a little bit to get it on here. Now I just need to get the volcano to post. Wish me luck! :)

Ok, it just won't go. so sorry, you'll have to go to the volcano website i guess, not sure what the deal is. Oh well. I tried! :) Alicia

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Our Volcano

Well, it looks like our volcano is slowing down for real now. It is really pretty quiet now, still steaming a bit, but not building the pressure that it was. This picture is from the other day, we've finally gotten to see it a bit. It cleared off a little so we could enjoy seeing it a little more. Its very brown from all the ash, so that's kind of cool to see.

We are excited this week. After a long dry spell, we have some more work for our business. Dad has three work contracts now, so he'll be busy and have lots of work to do. We are very excited.

I'm excited too because we got a table saw today. I think that will be so fun to use and make stuff with. Maybe I'll include a picture of the bench I made last summer, it's nothing exciting, but it will be nice this summer to sit on. Its a pretty color. Right now its in mom and dad's bedroom, waiting for spring when I can put another coat of varnish on it. Fun stuff.

Well we love you all. Hope you have a good week! I'll try and find some more stuff to put on here, to keep this interesting. I'll have to work harder at it now that our volcano is quieting down. :)

Ok, never mind, the pictures won't load again, not sure what is going on. I will try it again tomorrow so you can see them. Love ya! :)

Monday, February 20, 2006

charity quilt to the left here

Above is the quilt I started when I was 16. The last picture is of the cat on the triangles quilt.

Our killer cat

Here's a picture of the weasel that our cat killed in the garage last week. The cat was out in the garage, and when he came in he smelled TERRIBLE, like the worst case of body odor that you've ever smelled. So, dad went outside to see what he could have gotten into, and found the weasel laying there. I ran down to take a picture of it, then I edited the picture and tried to take out the blood, so you could just see the weasel. So, if the picture looks funny that's why, its edited. It was about 8 inches long. I've seen weasel tracks around the house for a while now, but we'd never seen it. The goose had been fighting with something a lot lately, we'd heard him beating his wings and making a fuss, but didn't know what was bothering him.

Weasels are really brave. They only get about a foot long or so, but they will take on any size creature, they even charge at humans (one charged mom in the back yard a couple years ago, but she dispatched it). We get the short tailed weasels, also called ermine. I'm going to put some quotes on here from the Alaska fish and game site, about weasels, then I'll include the link so you can see more if you want. So, anyway, the cat smelled SO BAD that we had to give him a bath, which he didn't appreciate at all, in fact he ended up climbing up my back and putting a big whole in my shoulder, which is healing nicely. :) But it was kinf of fun. This is the third weasel we've had here that we've gotten rid of. It was a kind of fun thing, though not so much for the weasel I'm thinking.

"The least weasel well deserves its title of the smallest living carnivore. It reaches a maximum length of 10 inches (25 cm) and a weight of 3 ounces (85 g). The short-tailed weasel's tail is one-fourth to one-third of the total body length while the least weasel's tail length comprises only about 15 percent of total body length. During all seasons the tip of short-tailed weasel's tail is black. The tail of the least weasel contains only a few black hairs. Weasels must have almost daily access to rodents in order to survive. They prefer mice. When mice are not abundant, weasels will also take shrews, pikas, birds, fish, and insects. Short-tailed weasels can also kill young snowshoe hares. Weasels have few natural enemies of significance except possibly the horned owl and marten. Both species are apparently agile enough to occasionally catch weasels. Hawks, foxes, coyotes, and lynx also kill weasels, but such occurrences are rare. As a last resort, weasels can emit an odor which is as pungent as that of a striped skunk. Weasels are persistent and fearless hunters. They will boldly confront animals much larger than themselves. They've been known to attack humans who come between them and their food."

Quilt projects

Ok, I've tried 4 times to get all the photos to post, but they won't, so I guess just these two will have to. I'll try the others another day. :)

I just thought I would share some of my quilt projects that I've been working on lately. The first quilt is a "Bug Jar" quilt. You take fabrics that have all different kinds of bugs, and then piece them to look like jars sitting on a shelf. Its really fun to make. I'm planning one now that is food jars, so I'm gathering fabrics that have food on them so it will look like a pantry of "canned" food.

The next picture if just my cat sitting on a quilt that I was working on. It is a triangle quilt, called 1000 pyramids, or confetti.

The blue and grey quilt is one that I made for charity, to give to foster kids. I finished it up the other day at a church humanitarian work day.

The other quilt, on the bed is my quilt that I started when I was 16. Mom finished up the hand sewing work for me on the back side while I was on my mission last year. It's on my bed now.

I really enjoy making "scrappy" quilts, its fun to look through the fabric we have, or to pick up bits and pieces at the store and see what I can make with them. So you can see a little bit of what I've been quilting. The project I'm getting ready to finish is called "bits and pieces" and it has a black background with really bright fabrics with it. I've got the top of it done, all I need to do it get the batting and backing, and quilt it. What I'd dearly love to get is a long arm quilting machine, so that it would be a lot easier to do my quilting, but that is probably a long way in the future. It's in my plans though. :) Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the pictures! We love you. Alicia

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Snow, snow, snow, snow

We had some big snow storms the last few weeks. the last one came with some big winds and lots of snow, so its really starting to add up around here. There are a couple pictures that are right straight out the downstairs door. You can see the snow there is piled up a few feet deep. Then I took a picture of the snow piles to the side of our driveway. If you look close, you can see the neighbors truck behind the big berms.

Also, as a frame of reference, I put a yardstick in the pictures, just so you'd have something to compare it too. We've had bigger snow piles, but I thought it would be fun to show off what we have now.

Today it is raining and raining, so our snow is now turning into giant piles of ice, which is my least favorite part of living in this area. It's less than fun to get big snow storms, followed by rain and freezing rain. But I guess nowhere is perfect. :)

Moose in the yard!

Dad looked out in the back yard today and there was a little moose, which is always fun. We watched him for a while, then his mom showed up, and they moved out of the yard. In the pictures you can see he was just outside of our fence on the back there, by the satellite dish. Fun stuff!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Mom's Scrapbooking

Well, I've been trying to get mom's layouts to post to the blog here, but they don't seem to want to work for me, not sure what is going on. So, to see mom's work, you'll have to go to and then click peanut gallery. From the peanut gallery you need "peanut search" and her nickname is "Charlotte in Alaska". Then you can see all the stuff of hers that is posted.

I hope you are all well. We had a big blizzard yesterday, gave us about 10 inches of snow or so. But today is sunny and beautiful. We love you all. Alicia