Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Alicia's raise

We got the official word today that Alicia got 6 hours more work per week from the state, so that will give her a nice pay raise. they also have changed the system so that these hours are set for a year instead of six months, so that gives her some job security and relief. We just have to say - paying tithing really works !!!


Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Street Fair

Well the street fair has been and gone. We didn't sell as much as we had hoped, but we did pretty good. We sold 4 cranes and 2 fish. Plus we handed out all of our brochures and a ton of business cards, so it was GREAT advertising. We have a couple people that have projects they want us to make too, so it was a good experience. We were worried the weather wouldn't be good, it was supposed to be a huge storm, but we had great faith that the weather would clear up, and it did! It was a little gray in the morning, but it cleared up and was sunny and beautiful all afternoon. Mom and I got SO sunburned, I look like a tomato. :) But we are good.

We didn't get to go fishing, duty called, but we will this coming week instead. We've had a good week, and are glad the fair is over so that we can relax!! Anyway, just wanted to let you know how it went. :) Alicia

Thursday, July 13, 2006

good news

Just a quick addition to what Alicia wrote last night. We got a call that my Medicaid Waiver was approved for another year. DOUBLE YAY!!! We haven't got the paperwork to verify how many hours Alicia gets to keep, but those can always be reworked and added to, if we need to. thanks for all your prayers. Charlotte

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Street Fair

Well the street fair is coming up this saturday and I'm getting kind of nervous. We have a bunch of different stuff to take to the fair, but its just so hard to know if we have taken enough, too much, not enough, the wrong stuff.. . . . You just never know until its time. Tomorrow should be a busy day, we've got to finish getting everything ready that we are going to take with us. We've got metal garden art, a fish cleaning table, 2 gates, rod holders, and some wooden garden people I made a couple of years ago. I hope it goes well, but its scary! :)

The picture here is our bear gate. I also made up a cool brochure to hand to people if they are interested and I printed up a bunch more business cards, so I think we pretty much have the bases covered. As well as we can anyway.

Tomorrow I've got to do a bunch of finishing touches, so that we are all ready by saturday morning, because friday we are going fishing. Our friends from Canada came up, and they are staying in Kenai/Soldotna for a couple of weeks, and while they are up there, they left us their boat! YAY! We're pretty excited. So dad and i are going to take it clamming across the bay, and salmon dipnetting, and halibut fishing. Should be really fun. Dad is going to spend some time working on it tomorrow to make sure all is well and its running good.

I'm hoping to plan a roommates reunion for this fall, for me, and my friends Stephanie and Molly. Steph and I were talking about it tonight. Haven't decided where really, but want it to be somewhere with great shopping that is reasonable to get to, with good places to stay. Any suggestions would be appreciated! We're thinking November, so hopefully somewhere warm. Any suggestions would be appreciated. We're kind of spread all over. Molly is in Maryland, Steph in Arizona, and me up here. Anyway, not sure what will come of that, but fun to think about and plan for.

Other than that, not much is new. We're just doing our thing, and worrying about the street fair! Hope you're all well. Alicia