Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Funny airplane moment

So, we flew into Seattle tuesday morning, and we tried sleeping on the plane, but didn't have much luck, at least I didn't. Mom did a little better. About 1/2 hour before we landed in Seattle, mom sits up, and taps me on the shoulder and says "I don't know how to make punch for 30-50,000 people! How am I supposed to make punch for all those people? I can't make punch for at least 30,000 people!" and it was just so funny. She didn't think she was asleep, but she was, and she'd been dreaming about getting stuff done for the wedding, and in her dream she needed all this punch, and it was just funny. One of the random moments that comes only when you've been awake an obscene amount of time. :)

But anyway, we're here and safe and sound. Had a great time visiting with Blake and Johanna today. They live in a beautiful neighborhood and home. And they have SUPER fast internet that I've been enjoying.

Anyway, just wanted to share our funny story, and tell you we were safe and sound, and sleepy. :) Love you all. Alicia

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Off on our trip

Just wanted to post a little message before mom and I head off on our grand adventure. We'll be gone for about 17 days or so. We're going to Seattle to see Blake, then to Oregon for a scrapbooking convention and to see a few family members. Other than that just SHOPPING!! :):) I'm just looking forward to being able to go to some fun stores, and relax and enjoy some fun times, and some time with family. Should be a really good time. Plus we'll be doing some stuff for the wedding, so that's exciting :). Justin and I are thinking June 15th for the wedding date, in Anchorage, with a reception here either the next day, or the next saturday, depending on how the schedules work out. But, its an exciting and interesting time! Justin went to Paul and Nicole's tonight for dinner and canasta, sounds like they had a good time. :) Justin really like Paul and Nicole, said they were really nice and really neat. If you check out Paul's blog there's a picture there from tonight.

Other than that, dad's going to be here living the quiet life, just him and the cat. Well and the duck and goose. :) We're still waiting for the temperature to come back up, its been really cold here the last few days, but that will mean good road conditions, its been really dry and cold. We'll drive to Anchorage tomorrow, then fly out late monday night/early tuesday morning, and get to Seattle early in the AM. Then we're just going to hang out with Blake and Johanna and see Seattle. We've never spent any time there, so we're looking forward to that, and really glad to see their house, and hang out with them.

We'll try and keep something on the blog or email to let everyone know whats going on and how the trip is. Love you all! Alicia :)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Story

So I'm totally excited because this is the first Valentine's day that I've ever had someone to share it with! :) Its been so much fun. I ordered a package for Justin yesterday, a little candy basket with a stuffed moose and a rose.

Then tonight at the end of Mutual (I knew something was going on, because mom's been covering her email every time I come in the room, and emailing Justin, and making all these secret phone calls), all the young women and leaders went into the young womens room, but they wouldn't let me in. So I waited in the hallway for a couple minutes, until they had everything set. Then when they let me in, they were standing in a half circle around this chair, with a video player. So they had me sit down, and they hit play on the vcr, and it was cued up to the scene in Seven Brides for Seven Brother, about being a June bride, and they each had a copy of the words, and they sang it to me, along with the video, then gave me my flowers as they sang. It was so cool!! Justin put so much effort into coordinating everything and getting everyone involved. It was so sweet and so AMAZING!!

So here are some more pictures from my awesome day. Justin also got mom some flowers, and arranged for me to be able to sign the card too. its a tradition from his family, where you give the mom flowers on valentine's too. So much fun! I hope I haven't forgotten anything - it was a great day and I'm so happy and excited!!

Valentines Day!!!

Some Changes are comin' around here

As many of you have heard, Alicia has found a young man on LDS Singles. They started "chatting" on December 9th - and have spent all but one or two nights talking back and forth on the internet or on the phone for at least 4 hours at a time.

His name is Justin Clark and right now he is living in Blackfoot Idaho - but he has lived in Alaska before and is moving back up here next month. He has a job with one of our bigger road building companies here in the Homer area that will start when he gets here. Our good neighbors, Ron and Lydia, have agreed to let him rent out their cute little house next door (the white one in the back - not the one right next door to us). Justin's parents live in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico - and he was born in Deming.

So as Justin says on his blog, they were just sort of talking one night on the internet and they started feeling all mushy and now we are making lots of plans. It still doesn't seem completely real since they haven't actually met in person, but because of the timing of things, we are announcing their plans to be sealed in the Anchorage temple - assuming of course that they both feel the same way when they see each other. (save a date somewhere in the middle of June - we have to work around girls camp, youth conference, and king salmon fishing season - yes, he fishes and hunts like Brian does so she still has to plan her life around fishing and hunting seasons).

Alicia says he is the nicest, most considerate man she has ever met and everyone at church has been noticing that she smiles ALL the time and now that word is out, they all go, "Ahhhh, that explains the smiling and the spring in the step...." It's like she is gliding all the time about 3 inches off the floor.

It is scary for both of them to make this type of commitment long distance, but it is kind of a tradition in the Carper family. She was thinking up other family members who had done this kind of marriage, and she came up with almost 20. They have prayed a lot over this relationship and this decision and both believe that it is the right thing to do.

Cousin Paul met him for a few minutes and he said he was a nice cowboy type guy and from what he knew about Alicia, they seemed like a great match. thanks Paul and Nicole for the test run.
We'll keep you all posted as things unfold. Charlotte