Monday, December 03, 2007

Brian and Charlotte and Mya

Brian and Mya - Mya is sure she is a lap dog.... but she REALLY isn't. Brian looks the same as always.
This is my new hair cut and new glasses. We tried frosting my hair after our friend Rachel cut it, but it didn't look too good, so one night I looked in the mirror and said, OKAY, I have to change this, so I colored it myself. Alicia usually does it for me, but she was on her honeymoon.
I really wanted to get a newer look for glasses. Since Medicaid pays for them, I don't get a lot of choice, but when he pulled these out of the box, I knew they wre just the ones I wanted. But with the new haircut, I kind of look like Harry Potter sometimes. But it is good to update one's look every so often. I used the trick of hiding my chins with the crossed hands underneath. That's a new look too, my usual trick is to look up - we have some dandy pictures of me trying to hide my chins by looking up.

Anyway - this is us for 2007. Love, Charlotte

Saturday, December 01, 2007

another blog

Just wanted to post on here, for those that I didn't have email addresses for, that Justin and I have made another blog, for the two of us. Right now we're putting pictures from our trip on it, and we'll try to keep it up to date. Mom and dad will keep posting to this blog. Just one more to add to your list. Thanks! Alicia

oh, ps, there's a link to the right that leads to our new blog.