Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Just a random picture from my bridal shower, of the Young Women dressed up in their toilet paper wedding dresses, from the TP dress competition. I couldn't choose a winner, they were all great! :)
Its been a while since we've updated on here, so thought I'd just post and say that we're still here, still hanging in there. :) Justin and I still aren't married, we're still waiting for everything to get straightened out. Other than that, we're kind of waiting for summer to get here too. It doesn't seem to want to break the 50 degree mark around here much. We'll get one day that's warm, and then it'll cool down again. We're waiting so that we can till and plant the garden too. Looks like its going to be another rainy summer - but we've still got hope that it'll clear up soon.

Mom's birthday was monday, so we had a little celebration for her. We had barbecued steaks, fresh corn, and cake. It was nice! Dad got mom a Mayday tree and Justin and I got her a guttendoort rugosa rose, that's supposed to grow 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide, and its hardy to -50, and resistant to sea spray, so should do good we hope.

Other than that, not much is new here. We're just hanging out doing our thing. :) Hope you're all well. We love you! Alicia :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More reception pictures

Here's where my shoes ended up about an hour into the event. I've never been a big shoe wearer..... :)
here's mom, Aunt Shirley, and I, in front of the arbor thingy. Sorry you can't see all of my dress. I need to get Carolee's pictures, and Justins and see if there's a better shot of the dress.
The girls with their flowers.
Getting ready to toss the boquet to the young women. It was an "exploding" boquet (I know that's spelled wrong I just can't remember how to spell it0 but anyway, I untied it before I threw it, because I wanted everyone to get a flower. It was really fun. They were beautiful yellow/orange roses. I kept a couple at home for me. :)

Here's dad and Aunt Shirley.

Here's the gift table, before everyone showed up.
here's the coconut bon bon chocolates, these were all gone before me and Justin even got to eat.
Here's us getting ready to feed each other cake. We used forks, and were very agreed that we wouldn't smush the cake. the slice we had was pumpkin.
Eating the cake...
Sorry this picture looks weird, there were about 5 people taking pictures all at the same time, so there were several flashes, so we kind of "glow"
Here's how the room looked before everyone showed up. The tablecloths were alternating red and gold.
Heres the meat side of the food table.

Here's the fruit and veggie side of the food table.
The table for everone to sign my guest pages. I used engagement photos and put one on each 12x12 piece of paper, so there was lots of room to sign around.
Here's one of the center pieces that Carolee designed and made.

Here's the watermelon bowl. We hollowed out watermelons (Autumn did, I only did one) and then filled it with fruit mixture, then the skewers that mom made were stuck in the back like a fan.

Welcome to the land of wedding food

Here's my Cake! I think it turned out really good. It had purple wax flowers, pink roses, red roses, babies breath, this pink flower that I'm not sure what it was called, purple daisy type flowers (we think they were asters), and dark red/purple snapdragons.

Here's mom! :)

Here's the hall as we were prepping. Carolee and Ashley (one of the young women) are in the background. In front is my cake! I'd just finished putting it together, and wanted to get a picture of everything getting ready. Those are the leftover flowers on the bottom right.

Here's a big pile of the food, all prepped up. We had strawberries (10 pounds), 4 watermelons, a box of Kiwi that were SOOOOO not ripe, broccoli, celery, red/orange/yellow bell peppers, carrots, and pineapples, plus olives and pickles.

Here are the brownie cakes. I circle cut big sheet pans of brownies, into two sizes, rolled the sides in powdered sugar, then stuck them together with chocolate frosting, then put another "C" on top. These got snapped up in a hurry! :)

Here's Aunt Shirley, helping with the prep stuff. Her and Autumn worked on the fruits and vegetables while I put the cookies and brownies together, and when I was doing the cake. They were invaluable. Then mom put the skewers together after they got the fruits all cut up.

Here's the sugar cookie wedding "cakes". I made them with 4 sugar cookies, held together with frosting, then put a "C" on top. I think they were my favorite dessert, but then I'm a sugar cookies girl. :)

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Well, we pulled off the pre-wedding reception last night. It turned out really beautiful. Everyone kept going over and over about how elegant the room looked and how good the food was and how beautiful the cake and dress were. We have tons of pictures that I don't know how to download off the cameras, but I will have Alicia and Justin post them for you. It was really a magical evening and we can't wait for the paperwork to come thru so they can be officially married. We're all exhausted today so I will wait and write more later when we post the pics, just wanted you to know that it turned out really, really perfect. thanks for all your prayers and good wishes. Love, charlotte

Monday, May 07, 2007

Engagement Pictures

I just wanted to share a few of the engagement pictures that my friend Carolee took for us. It was fun to take them, and then to get to look through them all. Hope you all like them. :) Love ya! Alicia