Saturday, December 26, 2009

my new desk and quilt

For Christmas, Alicia made us a giant super king size quilt for our room.  I've included some photos that include the wall in the background that hopefully show that the red in the quilt is the same red as on the trim in our bedroom and library.  We have a queen size bed now but we are always fighting over covers, so she made it big enough that when we get our next bed some day, it will be plenty big enough for a king size bed and for us to fight over..  hahaha
As most of you know, I'm working on an extensive family history project and Brian was watching me one day struggle with our little computer desk, which was a family heirloom antique table.  Very treasured, but did not work at all for my project.  I hadn't said anything because I know money is tight right now because our business depends on other people having and spending money....  so being a grown up girl, I just decided to make do with my little table.
A week before Christmas, Justin and Alicia went to Soldotna - supposedly to get wood for him to build her a sideboard for her little kitchen downstairs.  There were lots of sneaky questions, like did I like typing with my text over to the right like that, and did I think the craft table was too high or too low, and one day, Justin sat at the computer table pretending he was talking to us and playing with his tape measure - but he actually was measuring my monitor and the height of the table and such.
There was lots of sawing and sanding and bringing furniture in thru the garage to dry on Alicia's floor and she told me not to look downstairs because on the other side of her present, my present was drying on the floor.. LIes, all LIES.
So finally Christmas Eve when it was time to open the presents, Brian opened all the front doors and went down and the three of them came up the outside stairs with this giant birch desk.  The edges are all trimmed with this beautiful carved leaf border. There are pull-out drawers for my scanner and for my printer. A built in holder where I hang the text - on the left - next to the monitor. Shelves that fit the little boxes where I keep the family history slips.  A huge table top to hold all the books and pictures and stuff that I need to put into the computer.  The wood is a light birch - the same color as the other wood in our living room.  I'm so excited.  I'll add some more pictures of the trim and the shelves and such, but this is the first of just the desk when it came upstairs.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Time to move for the month

Time to switch to the family christmas blog for a month or so. We haven't been blogging a lot since we have been on facebook, but facebook is only good for some kinds of communication. for the whole story, I think a blog is better.

so drop by and visit our whole family on the Christmas blog: