Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Time Marches On

Getting Brian all ready for his big safari to Africa next week.  Hard to believe after all these years, it is finally going to happen.  I'm sure we will have hundreds of pictures to load when he gets back.

We are still working through our grief over losing my dad and grandma.  It sneaks up on us - just a little something and you catch yourself wondering what he thinks of a subject or what he would say about this idea or that.  And then it just is there:  My dad is dead. 

For a few weeks I found myself not eating or sleeping, but I was looking up something else on the internet and ran across a WEB md article that said those are two of the signs of grief, so I got some pills to help me sleep and forced myself (with Alicia's help) to at least try to eat dinner and usually something for lunch or breakfast.  I was able to stop the pills after a couple weeks..  Having trouble eating again, but I'm sleeping okay. 

Alicia is sad too.  Life usually doesn't get her down, so this has been hard to help her with, but we are working through it together and it has been a big help to have someone who understands exactly what I'm feeling.  Usually, people don't get where I'm coming from.

I don't know if we will do the bathroom remodel next week or not.  We just have so little energy left after dealing with the grief, but we might rally and do it anyway.  If the refrigerator doesn't die completely and take all my limited budget to replace. Hope the highway comes through and pays us a decent price for our house.

Actually today, I got on to blog about my sweet neighbor, Melva.  She is failing quickly and only has a couple days left.  It will be so hard to lose her - like my grandma, she is the rock of their family and it will be hard to see them all going through the weeds like we are.  Lots of prayers to her and her family.