Thursday, March 22, 2007

From the Mother of the Bride

We are waiting to send out the wedding invitations. There is a little scheduling complication and we are waiting to set the date for sure. They would like May 3, but may have to postpone it.

In the meantime - Alicia has started registering. She is registered at and at We looked at registering at other companies, but these were the two we have in Alaska. We also have Walmart and Fred Meyer.

We are hoping those who live in the lower 48 will be able to avoid shipping costs on gifts if we can pick up them up at the stores here in Alaska. I don't know if this will be possible, but we hope it will make things easier. She is alittle nervous about registering and being the center of attention and such, so I'm trying to help buffer her a little.
LOVE YOU ALL, Charlotte

Monday, March 12, 2007

Earlene, Gabe and the Scrapbooking convetion

Here's some shots from our conference, and from our time with Joanna and Earlene. Our visit wasn't as long as we all would have wished, but it was SO nice to see each other and get to spend time together.

Party for Great Grandma and Grandpa

Sorry the picture of Pammie is so blurry, but I wanted to share a picture of her.
There was a little fish pond outside this window that Gabe absolutely LOVED. He kept talking about the fishes, it was really cute.


Here's my beautiful, beautiful ring & my super great soon to be hubby! :) He's awesome and we are so excited for when he moves to Alaska and we get to start the rest of our lives together. We had a great time togther this weekend, and we are just super happy, joyful and any other word you can think of. YAY! Oh - and we're moving the wedding date up from June to probably early may, just so everyone has a heads up, we'll get the invites out as soon as we can. :) Love you all! :) Alicia

Monday, March 05, 2007

just a few more

Well, the picture of me with mom under the sheet has a funny story. We were trying to get some good pictures of me, and so I was sitting next to mom, while she had her breathing sleep mask on, and I leaned my head against her shoulder and reached out and took a picture, and it looked good, but mom didn't like how she looked with the mask on, so she pulled the sheet over her head, thinking it would look better, like I was just leaning against something, but you can see in the picture that she's under there, and it ended up looking like I was leaning up against Charlie Brown dressed up as a ghost, only without the eye holes, its so funny! I love that picture! Its the middle one. and the last one is just a pretty tree outside the Tillamook plant. We saw a lot of cheese being packaged too, it was really cool. and we had a lot of good ice cream. yum! :) Alicia

More of the Coast

Tomorrow we're heading back to Portland, but wanted to share some more pics of the coast and stuff before we go. Had a lot of fun touring the cheese factories today. I love cheese factories. Gotta go back to Tillamook tomorrow to get some squeeky cheese, they were out today. But I should be able to get some tomorrow. YAY! I love sqeeky cheese. :D Anyway, hope you like the pics. :) Love ya! Alicia

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Random ocean shots :)

Devils Punchbowl

Devils punchbowl park was started in like 1929, but now it is basically an afterthought to a housing development, and no campgrounds anymore. It was really sad. A lot of places that used to campgrounds or sites to see, or other fun "coast" stuff have turned into condos and vacation homes for the rich. It was really sad to see it all disappear. But I guess that's the way it goes......

Oregon Coast

We took a little sunday drive today, and ended up going all the way from Rockaway beach to Newport. It was a long drive, but we saw some really cool stuff. and we didnt' even stop for half the stuff we wanted to. It was one of those trips where we thought "oh it'd be cool to stop there...ooops too late." :) oh well. It was fun

Here's the Boiler Bay area.

Here's the 3 capes.