Friday, May 29, 2009

Baby Goats

Gabby had two little babys the other night! They are happy and healthy, so far, fingers crossed. They are cute and playful, maybe some good news finally. She will post pictures soon.


Alicia and I went to some friends house today and dug up a bunch of raspberry plants, to plant in our new berry patch, that we tilled up in the back yard. So far we have 3 rows of raspberries and a row of strawberrys. Mom wanted some for her birthday, so there you go! Still rainy here, no good fishing so far, but maybe soon. Always optimistic!

Monday, May 25, 2009

No Cancer

I forgot to post on the blog - I posted on FACEBOOK and called a few people, but for the rest of you here's the good news.

They didn't find any cancer at all. I am going to stay on hormones, the doctor says probably for the rest of my life, which is fine because the really help me feel better. They we will continue to follow up with check-ups every 4 months, but he doesn't anticipate that for the immediate future, anyway, that he will find any cancer.

WHEW - a whole year of my life wasted on worry, but a good result. I'm a little discouraged that they won't be doing any of the other surgeries. I was looking forward to having the giant hernia fixed, but after the funny German doctor explained to us how they would fix it, we all agreed that didn't sound very promising.

so life goes on as before - except I'm back on hormones. the really funny part is that this condition was diagnosed and treated successfully by our country doctor in Oregon, when Alicia was 1 year old. the doctors here took me off the hormones when I came to Alaska because they didn't understand why I was on them. The treatment plan I am on now, is exactly what was prescribed for me 28 years ago and if they had just kept following it, none of this would have happened.

Oh well. We are now busy with summer. Brian is done at the school and is busy welding. The fish aren't here yet - the salmon - a friend took him out halibut fishing last week so we have had our first fresh halibut of the year. Memorial Day was so early this year the king salmon aren't back yet so that fishing is really slow. Plus, we don't know how many will return because there were those 2 years of giant floods that wiped out many baby salmon - obviously those salmon won't be returning to the river to spawn, so it could be a slow run this year.

Two of the baby goats died this week. Two still live. The goat lady is on her way over right now to check Gabby and she is going to come over when Gabby is ready to deliver in case we need help. The trouble that Gabby might have is that she is really tiny and might need help getting the babies out. She seems really healthy and is still running all over her barn and yard and is eating and drinking.

The kids have more and more boats coming to launch. Not as many as we had hoped, but enough to pay the bills. Justin's brother-in-law walked off the job one day and somehow got someone at the Anchorage airport to pay his ticket to Albequrque (SP?) . so they had to hire another water boy. It turned out to be the son of a guy on the Time Bandit. 6 degrees of separation.... hehehe. Anyway, we are all fans of Deadliest Catch and Eddy's dad came and launched at the boat launch and Cordell got to meet him and have his picture taken with him so he is all atwitter with excitement. Eddy's dad (I think his name is Eddy, too?? ) is the Polynesian fellow - one tough fisherman. A couple seasons ago, he fished the entire crab seasons on a broken ankle.

Now Justin's sister and the kids want to go home, too, but they don't have the money to since her husband took all the money with him that they had. So everyone is a little on edge right now. We have had what we presume to be the swine flu. And that doesn't help anything. Alicia is going back and forth between treating the ulcer and treating the flu. She had a fever of 102 for 3 days, but Justin gave her a blessing and it finally came down to 99.

Brian and Justin are both still coughing and weak. We are hoping that this will give us immunity for the winter. I have hardly been sick at all, just mostly some muscle soreness, but I have lived thru 4 epidemics of this flu before, so i seem to have more immunity to it than the others.

Hope you don't get it. LOVE YOU ALL - Have a great summer.
OH- we have swallows, yellow legs, 2 kinds of ducks, a pair of cranes, and a mama moose hanging around our pond. WAY COOL. Also 3 pair of bald eagles nesting across the street, but you know how we feel about that. Darn vultures ! ! !

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Good Week for us so Far

I had my first minor surgery on Thursday in Soldotna. We were very impressed with the doctors and the nurses and the other staff we had contact with. Very on the ball and willing to listen to you and make you as comfortable as possible. Brian was able to take 2 sick days off from school to take care of me so Brian and Alicia tag-teamed me for the last 3 days. I'm still a little sore if I get up too quick, but that is all.

We had Negative results on the ovarian cancer markers so that is really exciting. The test should have been done a year ago, but somehow was overlooked so we have been worrying about ovarian cancer for a year longer than we needed to.

We should have the rest of the results of the by-bi-ba -bopsies on Wednesday and we can figure out where to go from there.

The kids finally had a really good day at the boat launch. The Clarks have never seen a good charter fishing day so were very surprised when so many boats showed up today. We know how many boats should be there every day - the question this year is definitely the tourist economy. And yes, Sandy, Alicia does know exactly how many boats they have to have a day to make money; how much to eek out their payments; how much to be able to eat this week..... Thus the ulcer and the vomiting blood. But today, they made money ! ! ! YAY.

I think Brian welded every night this week. He had done like 3 projects all winter and we didn't know how the economy would affect his business. He has 3 to 5 days of school left so it is very comforting to know that the guys will be bringing him their boats. One scenario we have been hoping for is that because money is so tight, people will be wanting to fix things instead of buy new - and if that is the case, we should do okay this summer.

Heavenly Father answers prayers. He really does. We had lots of prayers answered this week.

There was a really bad wildfire out East End Road. We have many, many church friends who live out there and the area was blocked off, so no one knew which houses burned and which didn't. We have a really close family that just paid off their house 6 months ago. they are living in Anchor Point for the summer, so were not in the house when the fire came.

They said the fire burned right up to the house on one side and someone had dug around the rest of the house with a bulldozer and had saved it. We are all so glad. These are humble people who could not afford to lose their home. Prayers answered.

Anyway, I just watched this strange movie : Children of Heaven. Very strange, indeed. Not to mention it was not in English. Strange.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day! To all the mothers I know, especially the Mother of my children! Charlotte, I love you so much, have a special day. Love Brian

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Poor Alicia

Alicia has had a really hard week. One of their investors decided he wants his money back and she has been stressing about that all week.

then her favorite goat died right after delivery. Her therapy and solace for the past 6 months has been to go into the goat barn and spend time with Gretta. she spends hours brushing her and talking to her. So now she is devastated that her goat died and the person that can calm her down WAS the goat.

they brought the babies in the house last night and put them to bed by the heater. They didn't make a peep all night so that kind of worried us so she got up and was having an anxiety attack anyway and went over to check on them and they were too hot and were panting and she just lost it, because that was what Gretta did before she died. So Alicia did what she always does in stressful situations, she threw up, repeatedly. And then she noticed that the throw up was pink and then red ...

I had stayed up all night to be on hand for any emergency, but she thought I was sleeping so didn't even come get me - drove herself to the emergency room. The doctor thinks she might have an ulcer and the throwing up she has been doing just scratched her throat. The doctor in the ER today is an ear, nose and throat specialist.

Justin called the goat lady early this morning, she was heartbroken too. she really loved Gretta and wants to trade one of Gretta's nanny babies for the billy Alicia and Justin want. She had lots of frozen colostrum and 4 gallons of milk and some milk replacement. There wasn't any at the feed store when Alicia went yesterday to stock up, so we were lucky she had some extra.

thanks for the info, Carol. Everybody told us they had to be fed every 2 hours and had to be on colostrum for at least 3 days and stuff that just isn't possible - so your help is very calming. I read your post to Alicia in the Er and she was very relieved.

Anchor Point Chamber has this huge fishing tournament that was scheduled for today so the whole time Alicia was up with the goats and being sick, she was worried about what to do about the giant tournament and all the miles of boats they had to launch today. But the weather started out bad so they are having it tomorrow instead. so she can come home and rest when she gets done at the pharmacy.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Birth Day

This is Alicia's story, but she has to go to work so I'll tell the beginning.

Alicia started to leave for work this morning and heard a new bleat from the goat barn - she went in and Gretta had given birth sometime this morning. the kids were all dry by the time Alicia found them so they are several hours old. She found one outside that was really cold so she and I took turns warming it up and then Ruthie came over and taught that one how to nurse and then Alicia taught the others and then Gretta started paying more attention and was nuzzling and licking them all.

when we first went in, she was just standing there sort of in shock - like "WHAT JUST HAPPENED ? ? ? " But after we worked with her a bit, she picked it right back up again and was doing her job. this is her third litter we think - first one for us - so she probably knows more about what to do than we do.

Anyway - we took pictures which Alicia will post tonight. We have 3 girls and 1 boy. Their names are from Desperate Housewives: Bree, Susan, and Edie. Ben wanted us to name one of the goats after him, but we are sort of planning to eat the boy goat, so Ben should let us know if he still wants us to name it after him.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Ready to blow

Mt. Redoubt is getting ready to blow again. For the past month, it has been building a lava dome, but on Saturday, the dome began to become unstable and they expect a major explosive event any minute now.

You can follow on the website, as always. Check out the webcorder labeled RSO - it is right at the summit and it is really going crazy with the rat-a-tat rat-a-tat .