Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another week goes by

Brian has been in Palmer all week at CDL school. He drove for a while today and has at least another day of driving before he can pass the test, but they are booked up there, so he will come home in the morning and practice his driving and take his test down here. His instructor actually lives just a couple miles from us, so they will schedule that when Jo is down here and can work with him. He likes it so far and has passed all his written tests.

Alicia and I have been busy all week. Monday we cleaned all day - you know how it is when your schedule gets all out of whack because an extra person is home - well our house looked like a bomb had gone off in the living room, so we worked and got lots cleaned up and put away. then Tuesday, we spent in town for payday and Family History. We are getting more patrons from the community to come in and that is always exciting and fun. then yesterday, we went to Soldotna to get our oil changed and our tires swapped - sigh- necessary pre-winter chores. Brian had his tires swapped in Palmer one night after class, so we are all set.

They have predicted that because of El Nino - we will either have warm rain or tons of snow. Not really an exact science, I guess. We haven't had snow yet down low - the mountain tops all got dumped on for a couple weeks. It's pretty up there. I don't mind if that is where it stays.....

We are bummed that Jeffrey won Project Runway instead of Michael, but what are you going to do???? Hate to admit in public that we watch reality TV, but we do !! Project runway and Top chef are our favs in reality TV. We don't watch survivor or fear factor or the bachelor shows. We have been watching lots of shows about flipping run down houses - at first it seems like a good idea, but they have been showing more honest examples lately, about people who miss out on the market or who end up with surprise bad news when they tear into the house. Our housing market here is too unpredictable for it to be a good business for us. Plus with the intense moisture you get in a coastal area, you never know how much mold and water damaged wood you will find - not to mention all the amatuer done electric and plumbing you will run into up here. Ahhh, no zoning or permits required..

We are fighting a real estate developer who wants to vacate the pretend street that fronts between our house and the little white house on the highway. We were all for the vacating until he presented it to the borough - showing that he gets all 70 feet of the vacation. So we stopped him this month and have another hearing to go to in November. He can vacate his half of the street and keep it, but he wanted to keep our half, too, without paying us a reasonable price for it. Obviously, he never tried to take land from a Carper before. the land is in our blood. at the hearing the other day, they read in our letter and said they couldn't vacate unless we agreed to it, so that felt better. No worries.

Well, take care and keep us in your prayers to find work soon. Love, Charlotte

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

More Rain and wind

We are in the middle of a tropical storm. We have had typhoon after typhoon, but this one is the worst. Winds up to 75 mph and Seward got 9 inches of rain yesterday. We don't know exactly how much we got, but it filled the pond overnight, so it was quite a bit. Seward is all flooded out, but we aren't. That's why we live on this side of the mountain!!!

Alicia got a new calling in church on Sunday. She has 6 callings now, but I think she will have to give up some of them because the new job is first counselor in Young Women's. It is a very time and energy consuming calling. The girls she will be the leader of are 14 and 15 years old - the same girls she had 2 years ago, when they were 12 and 13. The girls are really excited to have her back. The other 2 women are my age so she is the only young blood in the presidency.

Brian has signed up for CDL school (truck driving school). He always swore he would not do that, but all the companies on the North Slope are requiring their crews to have CDL's, so he had to change his mind. He will be up in Palmer for all next week. We hope it will help our situation.

Nothing new in Charlotte's life - she started a new med to help her have more energy and it is working - first 2 days, I was up for 22 hours out of every 24. I finally slept a few last night. It is helping a lot with the depression and malaise.

The wind was really blowing the other night and Alicia went out to see if the cat wanted to come in for bed and all she could see was his little paws hanging on to the rail of the deck - he had been sitting on the deck rail and the wind blew him off and he was barely hanging on. Needless to say, between the wind and the rain, he is quite disgruntled and having a hard time with life. We are getting used to loud, odd crashes in the middle of the night - when he gets bored or tries some new exciting move to get from point A to point B.

Hope you are staying dry and not getting blown off your deck - Love, Charlotte

Sunday, October 01, 2006

October 1

I still don't have any photos to post, Brian didn't take his camera up moose hunting so I'll just have to tell you about it. He went moose hunting with a friend from here and with a childhood friend from Joseph - Larry Shirley.

They had great weather this year and all the burned areas are regrowing so there was plenty of vegetation. They shot 2 smaller bulls. They didn't see any bear. they were hoping to get a bear this year also, but that didn't happen. It was too warm for the caribou to be in that area, too. But the moose meat is really beautiful and tasty. They do such a good job of taking care of their meat.

We bought a home grinder this spring on e-bay and got to grind our own hamburger for the first time in 15 years. We used to have a friend in Joseph that had a grinder that we used there. It saved a ton of money to grind the burger ourselves, but he said it was a lot of work. Our burger that we paid to have ground last year was not as well done as this burger, so I'm very pleased. It is really well done. Good Job GUYS!!!

We sent out about 50 pounds to get made into pork sausage for pizzas and stuff and we made jerky, but it was SOOOOO good, I don't think there is any left. We made ourselves sick eating it the first couple days. We hadn't made jerky for years either, so it was a treat.

Brian is busy with his fall fishing - steelhead, dolly vardens, rainbow trout. Last year he was able to fish until November, and it looks like he might be able to do that again this year.

Alicia's first class at the scrap book store was a huge success. She made cards that look like purses. We had 9 people there -which was the biggest class they had ever had there. She has several classes planned for October. A card class and a crop for cancer and some other stuff.

I'm hanging in. The grey of the typhoon season is a little depressing, but I realized this morning, we only have 11 weeks until the sun comes back, so I think I'll make it.

Happy October to you all, Charlotte