Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our Best Christmas Ever

We had a very special Christmas this year.  The day after Thanksgiving, Alicia had her first miscarriage - also her first pregnancy.  But since the doctor had said that she would never be able to get pregnant, we all took it as a good sign that maybe someday she would be able to.  Then, a couple days later, Alicia and Justin were given a baby to adopt.  The birth parents could not take care of him and their family had known Justin for many years and knew how much he and Alicia wanted to have a baby. 

The baby was five and a half months old, blond hair and blue eyes.  Very healthy and smart and happy.  He isn't afraid to try new things.  Loves to talk to his grandparents in Alaska who are dying to hold him and talk to him face to face.  The birth parents have signed the permanent papers and we are waiting for the court date to file them.

His name is Kade Justin Clark and he is our family's best Christmas miracle ever.