Saturday, October 20, 2007

Moose Matters

Just wanted to post a few pictures of dad's moose antlers that he took today, so that everyone can see what he got up north. They had an interesting trip to say the least. . . . . :) Here's pictures of the horns anyway, I think that's probably the only pictures we'll end up with from this hunt.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the beutiful picyures. Awesome sight. I can't imagine the size of the moose.Are they good meat when they are that large? Did you get to keep some of the meet for yourselves?
Love Grandma Marilyn

Anonymous said...

We had 900 pounds of moose meat to cut up. Yes it's good, very fat.Brian

Anonymous said...

A bull like that will weigh about 1200 pounds, and we had 2. Kept all of one and part of the other.b